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key2contract GmbH (based in Berlin, Germany) develops with INHUBBER a SAAS (software as a service) solution that enables convenient creation, signature and storage of contracts in a secure digital manner. It includes automated document analysis and deadline control as well as free digital signature. EMI's sole shareholder holds a direct investment in key2contract GmbH since November 2022. 


With the Climtelligence Solution, repath GmbH (based in Hamburg, Germany) enables you to identify climate risks. Individually processed – as an information basis and for deriving concrete actions for your company. To this end, repath analyzes complex data from scientific climate model calculations and translate them into key figures that can be used for business purposes. In this way, one can recognize the complicated interrelationships of your climate risks individually and at a glance – for the entire 21st century. 

1000 Satellites

1000 Satellites GmbH (based in Mannheim, Germany) is  changing the World of Work so that everyone, can achieve their full potential everywhere. It developed a unique network of decentral coworking spaces with the aim to avoid daily commutes, reduce carbon emmissions and improve work-life-balance. Initiated in 2019 under the roof of BASF's start-up incubator CHEMOVATOR, it was formally founded in 2021. EMI is one of the seed investors and mentors of 1000 Satellites GmbH.


MOWEA GmbH (based in Berlin, Germany) has, as a spin-off from TU Berlin University of Technology, developed a unique, modular wind energy system based on the Lego Principle, which enables demand-oriented, efficient and cost-effective energy generation. On top of this, the system has an outstanding design and IoT features for intelligent applications of the future. EMI's sole shareholder has held a direct investment in MOWEA from 2018 until 2021. An investment through EMI took place in 2022. An additional investment through ECI was finalised in 2023.

And more to come...