EMPORIUM Management & Investment GmbH
EMPORIUM Co-Investment GmbH

EMPORIUM GROUP,  is the investment and asset management holding of Prof. Dr. Thomas Glatte. As an engineer and manager, he has worked 25+ years for DAX40 corporations in the fields of real estate as well as building and construction management. Additionally, he is a professor of real estate at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Heidelberg/Germany since 2019.

EMPORIUM Management & Investment GmbH (EMI) focuses on investments contributing to sustainability enhancement of our working and living environment through concepts and technologies that are different from traditional approaches. Start-up investments are preferred but not mandatory. Mentoring can be rendered if deemed desirable. 

EMPORIUM Co-Investment GmbH (ECI) is a venture through which EMI invests jointly with a strategic partner. EMI is holding a 50% share of ECI.